Tuesday, February 3, 2009

More updates!

I really hate to be so brief but I am crazy busy at work right now. I'm going laptop shopping Friday but I can't keep ya'll in suspense until then now can I? My love life in a nutshell:

Mr. Officer: Not much to report. This is very disappointing. Nothing but random meaningless texts all weekend. The last text I received at 2:48 am early Sunday morning said [Miss Fabulous]! so I wrote back [Mr. Officer]! first thing in the morning when I woke up. Not sure what that meant so I sent him a text last night that simply read, "You don't call me anymore = :(". He called me immediately. He informed me that "phone devices work both ways." Is he right? Should I have called him? I mean we've only hung out twice. I think the ball is still in his court as far as phone calling goes, ESPECIALLY since he is the one with the crazy sleep/work schedule. I've done my part by responding to texts and sending him a good luck text for his Friday soccer game. I am really just thinking the maturity level is not there. Boo.

BL: Lolita on Saturday was amazing. The food was great and I think we really had a good time. We went to Market Ave after for another glass and not only would he not let me pay for a thing but he insisted on dropping me off and picking me up at the door so I wouldn't have to walk in the snowy cold as there was no valet at Market Ave. Now this is where it gets interesting.... he has not only invited me to a party on Friday where several of his co-workers and partners from his firm will be (and they are "so excited" to meet me) but he has invited me to lunch on President's Day b/c I told him I was off of work. Planning dates two weeks in advance is a bit scary to someone who's last situation revolved around last minute dates and overall lack of enthusiasm. Maybe it's something I just need to get used to.

Luke: No, don't worry, you haven't missed anything. Luke is not a love interest (yet) but rather the new Br♥mantical interest of Brody Jenner. Yes, I predicted it. I'm so happy he won. I know it means absolutely nothing but I can't help but feel proud that I actually predicted a reality TV win from the get go. I think this was the first ever. In case you missed last night's season finale of Br♥mance, Andy at Wild ARS Chase always comes through with a great play by play.

Miss Fabulous

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  1. oh i know how that feels.
    happens randomly with me. but when it does i have this feelin of contentment not quite there when i m on the losin end!