Thursday, January 29, 2009

Quick update

Not having a computer at home is really cramping my style. I do have some updates to share. BL had to cancel our Tuesday dinner/CAVS plans. He got really sick on Monday. Although this was highly unnecessary he insisted meeting me at Starbucks Tuesday evening for tea/coffee on his way home from the doctor. I think just to prove to me that he wasn't trying to blow me off. He also invited me to dinner Saturday. We're going to Lolita and that's all I know so far. Sounds good to me. Things are going well but he's already piling it on rather thick. This may just be his style and/or I'm just used to guys who like to play games and act like assholes.

I also hung out with Mr. Officer again Monday night. He, on the otherhand, is very hard to read. We have fun hanging out but I don't get any vibes that he is interested in dating. He seems very.... 24. He informed me the other night that he just booked a trip to New Orleans in late February for Mardis Gras with his buddy. His facebook status was consequently updated to something announcing his trip and also something along the lines of "boobies, boobies, boobies". Classy. I mean, he's 24 so what else should I expect? I might be putting him in the friend zone. I mean it doesn't hurt to have friends who are police officers, right?

I also have been texting/emailing with MBA/CPA but nothing to report. He sent me a random email two days ago that went something along the lines of "Hey, haven't talk to you in a couple days - what's new?" I wrote back, "Hey, nothing new here. Everything is good. I'm having a busy week at work and I can't stand the weather!" "How are you?" and nothing since then. I don't know if he is waiting for me to make a move and ask him out or something but I don't work like that. At least unless I know that I'm already possibly interested - but with this guy there is just nothing so far.

I just have to keep reminding myself that I met all 3 of these guys on Sigh.

Miss Fabulous

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  1. Ummm was he trying to get you sick? That's rude! And the other guy- so immature! But hey, they're boys :)