Monday, January 26, 2009

"Operating System not found"

This is currently what my precious little baby Sony laptop says when I turn it on. Do you think that's bad? Ha. I think it's rebelling against me for all of those times I have dropped it on the floor or stepped on it. Anyways, I have so much to update it's ridiculous! I even have a post I started at work on Friday that I had hoped to get out Friday night. So, please bear with me dear friends as I try to relay my crazy weekend dating stories.

In related news I am considering purchasing one of the new MacBooks instead of sinking a few hundred into laptop repair considering I don't need data recovery and the thing is 3 years old and has been through a lot. I've become an Apple addict since having the iPhone. Does anyone have one?

Miss Fabulous

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  1. Ahh, my old PC used to do crazy things too. It would type 11111111111111 if I left word open. Now I have a mac :)