Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Buckeyes make me sad, but Br♥mance makes me oh so happy!

Don't judge me. I like bad reality TV. It doesn't take a law degree to figure out that it is bad. I like shows like The Hills and The City and Br♥mance and The Real Housewives of [insert metropolitan area/county here] because I like watching beautiful people who live fabulous lives. I don't envy them or aspire to be them (Read: There can never be a Real Housewives of Cleveland - we don't have a symbolic fruit to hold in the intro - we would have to hold guitars, sheets of steel, or leg lamps - and instead of champagne and fine wine we would drink Christmas Ale and other Great Lakes Brews). (Actually that sounds like a great show!)

Anyways, who thinks the Luke guy on Br♥mance is crazy hot? I just love dorky guys. Just sayin'. (Ok I'll stop.)

I seriously think that if and when the day comes that the reality TV trend is over I will need serious rehab.

No news on any of the interesting men in my life. I'm going to Sushi Rock tomorrow with 8 of my girls so maybe we'll bump into some young male professionals. (And by "bump into" I mean stare at from across the room of course.)

Miss Fabulous


  1. Its surprisingly effective, that starting thing.

  2. and by starting, i mean staring.

  3. I ♥ all bad reality tv too...... Maybe we could do rehab together. I hear they say having someone there with you helps.

  4. I will have my Bromance Play by Play tomorrow. Please stop by and talk about all the boys on it. And Luke is hot.

  5. Mickey - you are right! I've had success with it before.

    Hope - you are now my rehab buddy, I'm holding you to it.

    Andy - of course I will stop by. I'm glad we have similar taste in men. (I won't tell your gf!)

  6. Bromance is too funny! I just love Luke's accent...

  7. I missed Bromance last night, sniff sniff. Guess I'll have to watch if when I get home. Can't wait to see this Luke guy!