Friday, January 16, 2009

Ok, so who turned off the heat?

Anyone who knows me will tell you that in addition to dating disaster I am also a certified "freeze baby". I bundle up constantly, always have a blanket on my couch, turn my heat up as far as it goes, and I have a space heater under my desk at work. So as the current temperature in Cleveland is 2 degrees Farenheit and the wind chills are much colder than that it comes as no surprise that I am miserable. The drive this morning was awful. I saw at least 5 accidents during my 10.5 mile drive to work. They were all really bad ones too. Not because it's snowing or anything like that but because of the moisture on the roads turning to thin sheets of ice. Evidently road salt is not effective when it gets below a certain temperature. It was scary!

The nasty weather certainly puts a damper on my mood for the long weekend. I may stay in tonight altogether. I do have plans tomorrow night with a friend to go "man hunting". She specifically invited me because we usually make a good team. She's bringing the heavy artillery and I'm bringing the nets. I'm not sure where we're going yet but I'm sure by the end of the night we'll end up in the all too familar location. (Begins with map, ends with room.) I'll let you know if we capture anything worthwhile.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

Miss Fabulous


  1. TWO DEGREES! HOLY CRAP. it is supposed to be 70 degrees tomorrow here in northern california. I will get super sunburned for you. promise.

    xo d

  2. the -8 i saw in my car yesterday killed me. killed.

  3. I'm currently sitting at my own desk with my space heater on. :)