Monday, January 26, 2009

Operation panty glue = huge success!

(Written 1/23/2009 - but delayed due to laptop FAILure)

Well, my date with Mr. Officer went fabulously well last night. So much so that it was very hard to keep my panties the whole time, but alas the glue held. And while I don't think there really is any such product such as "panty glue" there is definitely a market for it (in my pants at least) and someone should get right on that. So the date started like any other, he picked me up and to my surprise he had brought a bottle of wine, as a gift. He said he didn't want to "come empty handed" and he knew I like Pinot Noir (he listens when I talk?). Granted, he really couldn't pronounce "noir" and he drives a pick-up truck (yes seriously, but it's a pretty new and fairly clean extended cab variety) but so far so good.

So, we travel to wine bar and grab a table right by the fireplace. I choose a bottle and we chit chat. Of course the first few minutes were a bit awkward, but soon we started chatting as easily as we had on the phone earlier in the week. When we were done he suggests another bottle, and I agree b/c well he's an officer of the law and I was taught to respect the law.

Then we leave, but I suggest we take in a movie at my place and open the bottle of wine he brought over (why wouldn't we?). So he pours the glasses and I search on Demand and settled on "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" which he hasn't seen. Well, about 2 minutes into the movie he kisses me. It was a really great kiss. I could feel the panty glue melting. We managed to keep it to first base though and I soon fell asleep right on my couch (a bottle of wine will do that to a girl). He must have helped me to bed and I find out this morning that he stayed up pretty much all night watching TV (he works nights) and he joined me in bed for only a couple hours before my alarm went off at 7am. So, while we did have a sleepover, I am just very proud of myself that I didn't have sex with him b/c I am really try not to be so much of a whore (no offense to my fellow whores of course).

So that went well. Maybe next time we can do dinner or something that doesn't involve quite so much alcohol.

Miss Fabulous

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