Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thank you.

My blog buddy Maryx8815 at Mega Ramlings gave me one of those Honest Scrap awards and I think that was just oh so sweet of her. Her blog is hella cool BTW. (Mega - why can't I comment? I want to teach you how to use the link thing - it's right next to the button that changes text color BTW.) Anyways, I guess there are rules that go with this award. I have to share 10 honest things about myself with you. This shouldn't be hard because I am always honest even if I'm not always clever, funny or nice. So here goes:

  1. I was in Model United Nations in high school and I'm not ashamed. It was fun, and we got excused from class to go to competitions. Judge me, I dare you.

  2. I've never gone all the way with a married man, but I've come close, and I still feel bad about it. (I'm not judging anyone who has, but it's just not for me.)

  3. I have a younger sister who has special needs. She has mild cerebral palsy and various developmental disabilities. Even though she doesn't talk or understand most of what I say I love her for opening my eyes to special people and teaching me a tolerance and understanding for special needs people.

  4. I'm sure I'll write about this more in the future, but sometimes (read: a lot of times) I regret breaking up with The One. I think at the time I made a pretty convincing case for it, but I'm really scared deep down that he really was The One and that I made the biggest mistake of my life.

  5. I've slept/hooked up with 3 sets of brothers (not at the same time!) Sometimes I worry that makes me a horrible person.

  6. I'm ashamed of my number. You know, the NUMBER. I actually have to use an Excel spreadsheet to keep it all straight. I feel better knowing that I keep things safe, but still. If asked about the NUMBER by a guy I was into I would probably cut it in half, or even three fourths.

  7. I spent my last 2 years of high school and my first 4 years of college thinking I was going to be a social worker. I was going to get my Masters in Social Work after college, but I had to go an extra year to finish some stuff up and it was at the beginning of that year I decided to take the LSAT. It cost me $200 to register for the test and that was it. Before I even took the test I was committed to law school.

  8. I almost totaled my car when it was only 6 days old. I was 17 and had no business driving a brand new car. I didn't hurt anyone thank god, but I did $5000 in damage to this guy's car and $13000 to my own - I also got a ticket from it and I had to go to Juvenile Court. (I still drive this car today, BTW)

  9. I am proud of my modest collection of Tiffany's jewlery. Granted, I don't have any diamonds yet, but I own a necklace, a bracelet, 2 pairs of earrings and 4 rings. ( I also still have all the blue boxes that they came in) I make it a point to find the Tiffany's store when I'm on vacation and pay it a visit. So far I've been in Tiffany's in Miami, West Palm, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles (Rodeo Drive) and Las Vegas (Bellagio).

  10. I am obssessed with dating books like "He's Just Not That Into You" etc. I'm currently reading "Be Honest, You're Not that Into Him Either" I will let you know how it is - so far I love it.

Well, that's about it. I think I'm also supposed to give the award out to 7 blogs that I think deserve it but I just can't pick 7 of my favorites. I love all the blogs I read. Feel free to copy and paste if you feel like spilling the beans and telling us 10 honest things about yourself!

Miss Fabulous


  1. I wrecked my car after 6 months of having it...leased. Almost $8000 of damage.

  2. Huge pleasure girl! Still loving your blog!
    My email is, please pop me an email when you have a chance. I dunno what's happening with the comments and all.


  3. i'm sure the number isn't as bad as you think it is. and excel? really?!? love it! mine is in a journal from hs. ha