Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What's wrong with me?

So, I have this problem.... The problem is that guys I date have a bad habit of dating ugly and/or trashy girls after they date me. Now, I don't mean to sound egotistical but Miss Fabulous is considered by most to be quite a catch! For example:
  • I'm of average height and weight (even though I want to lose a few law school lbs);
  • I'm above average looking in my humble opinion (not a super model, but I have symmetrical facial features, perfect teeth, perfect skin and good hair, etc.);
  • I have big boobs (just sayin');
  • I'm a freakin' attorney (I don't have the $$$$ crazy job yet, but I'm actively looking);
  • I'm a Catholic girl, and while I admittedly don't agree with all the man made doctrine and organized religion bs, I have good values and believe my faith makes me a better person;
  • I'm independent - I've been financially independent since after high school graduation and I know how to pay bills, and get things done around my apartment;
  • I grew up in the 'hood (no offense to any suburbanites) but I come from a modest background, have always lived in diverse situations and am street smart because of it;
  • I love sports - I play sports, I watch sports, I follow sports;
  • I have no addictions or bad habits except for hair twirling and watching bad reality TV;
  • I know how to cook, and I love to clean;
  • I'm probably one of the nicest people you have ever met. I always give people a chance even if I've heard bad things from someone else, and I'm so very non-judgmental;
  • I love to have fun and party - and I love beer.
Perfect girl right? Well, I'm far from perfect, and God knows I have horrible taste in men and am sometimes loose with the goods, but I look good on paper. Anyways, for all of these reasons I always get really down on myself when guys I date end up with girls that are none of these things. Does anyone else have this problem?

Most recently I found out that Donald Trump stopped dating me because he met (or reconnected - may be an old friend/flame) with this girl who through our mutual friends I have found out is a 27 year-old single mother of 2 children with a crappy job. She lives in Olmsted Falls (you Ohioans can see how this is a negative) and has stringy bangs and a horse face. Now, granted, I don't know this girl, or her history with Donald Trump but I almost wish he was dating some tall skinny drop dead gorgeous blonde med student or something. I mean I don't know what this new girl has that I don't have unless she has a third tit on her back.

Now (I can read the comments now) I know that sometimes things aren't meant to be and just don't work out, etc etc blah blah blah, but I can't help but feel bad about this. Ladies, you get this right?

This has happened to me before. My only long term (Read: 3 years) bf ever, we'll call him The One because for the longest time I really thought he was "the one" has been known to frequent my favorite drinking establishments downtown and make out with ugly girls in my presence. My friends have come up to me after witnessing this behavior to tell me how embarassed they are for me that he is exhibiting such bad taste (let alone poor style for making out with girls on purpose in front of your ex).

I have 2 other ex bf's who dumped me and have since married girls who would scare small children. I think I'm just cursed or something.

You might think from this post (and my blog title) that maybe I'm just too cocky or full of myself, but the truth is I am neither of those things, and if anything is the matter it might be that in real life I actually struggle to be confident most of the time. Sometime when I'm dating someone I get so worked up about how they could possibly want to be with me that I think I drive people away. Systematic relationship destruction. I really need to work on this.

For now, I will just try to be as fabulous as possible and look for guys with better taste.

Miss Fabulous


  1. Ahh I completely understand what you're talking about. When I said something about this kind of thing to my roommate, she said it means that the other girl must have a better personality, which did not make me feel any better. I say, just chalk it up to boys being stupid!

  2. Your roommate is probably right though. The new girl probably doesn't judge people on her anonymous blog. :)

  3. Are we like sisters?!

    We have damn near everything in common, except I'm not an attorney, but I do have a really awesome job! My last boyfriend decided that he'd get a(nother) chick pregnant & marry her. She's not hot, she's actually cold LOL, she's ambitionless, she's uneducated, and at some point she was jobless.

    I'm gonna agree with goodgirlgoneblog, boys are stupid.

    One day the boys will all look back and say damn, I wish I would have kept her, but we'll be a distant memory by then!

  4. We might just be sisters! :) And I think you are right. It's their loss, and I can realize that when I'm rational. :)

  5. i'd date you, if it makes you feel any better. come clean my house!!!
    its always insulting when they pick an uggo... i've been cheated on numerous times, and most of them were ugly. or trashy. or dumb. or highschool dropouts. or something. i totally agree, if it were some hot blonde with huge boobs (at least you've got that, right?) I'd be like, "oh, well, can't compete with that" and move right along. Atleast they don't all end up married. 4 of my ex's married the girl they dated after me. 4. if you count living together, the number bumps up to 6 or 7. so i feel your pain! sometimes i think i let boys know what they DON'T want... ha ha!