Thursday, January 8, 2009

I love my girls!

I personally have never understood why there are some women who really do not get along with other women. Please don't be offended if you are one of those girls, I'm just being honest here and saying I don't understand. I've always been a girls' girl. Sure, women like drama - we cause drama, we breed drama, we sometimes enjoy the drama of others, etc. Women can also be moody, catty and bitchy - but there is something special about a bond between female friends that is so special.

Through the years I've always had a tight knit group of ladies by my side. In grade school there were 8 of us. Myself, my current BFF and 6 others girls that I went to school with K-8 at a small Catholic elementary in Cleveland. We called ourselves the "Munchichis" (after a popular cartoon from our youth) and were inseperable. At a time when I was a chubby and awkward child these girls really pulled me through - especially as I experienced tough times like the death of my mother and having to be raised by my grandparents.

In high school I couldn't help but make friends with great girls (all girls school) - the friends I made in high school were not the prettiest, the coolest or the most popular, but they were, for the most part, honest and sincere girls who made high school one of the better times in my life. I am still very close with 2 girls from my high school.

Now, college is a different story because I didn't have a traditional college experience. I moved out after high school and lived in an apartment with BFF. I went to school full time at a small private liberal arts university on Cleveland's eastside and I commuted. I was also working full time so I would arrange my classes such that there would be no time for long breaks in between and what little breaks I did have I would spend doing school work. For the first few years of college I was so busy and stressed out that I didn't put a lot of effort into any of my friendships and I went through some inner struggles, but my BFF and my highschool BFFs kept me sane, and I love them for it.

Enter law school. For those of you who have never gone to law school it is just like high school, but with more sex and alcohol. In your first year you have classes every day (5 total) and you share the classes with the same 75 people. It's like in grade school when your whole class would move to the room next door for a different subject. I was blessed to be stuck in a section with 9 girls who are not only smart and beautiful but who are really nice and super fun people. Somehow we lumped ourselves together and bonded instantly. Law school was the best time of my life due in large part to them. Sure, we've had high school drama. For instance, everyone in law school knows each other, we spend a million hours of week with each other, and then we socialize with each other. Therefore, people date around a lot within the school. This made for some interesting situations with guys especially when your girl friends are gorgeous! (My one friend and I have shared 5 guys). But you just deal with it, and you learn how to communicate when someone pisses you off.

I really didn't meant to get all sentimental on you, but I was just really thinking about this last night when I was at Sushi Rock. As always, we had a great time talking about our dating disasters, or successes, our jobs or lack of jobs, talking shit about some people not present.... ya know. Good old fashioned girl fun.Also, I showed my friends a myspace pic of Donald Trump's new gf on my phone and they all agreed that "she" looks like a horse, (actually, some said witch) and that no way is she as hot as me. I love them.

Also, since I'm on the subject I have to point out that we were a big group so we got stuck in the little room in the upstairs back of Sushi Rock and there was a table of hot guys right across from us. Then my friend went over to say hi to them and I found out that the hottest one is the boyfriend of a girl we are somewhat friends with, my friend who has been sitting next to me has slept with the other hot one, and the less hot one who had his back turned to us the whole time may/may not have been the guy that my other friend randomly slept with on a balcony one time. Sigh. I need a new town I think, I wish I didn't ♥ Cleveland so damn much!

Miss Fabulous


  1. I love my girl friends as well! Although I have guy friends, I find girls easier to bond with since we understand each other better!

  2. a few comments... 1) Cleveland is WAAAAY too small. I can not meet a new person to save my life. Everyone i have met in the years following highschool somehow knows everyone else i know (all post h.s., although i have re-met a few people from then, too). Everyone in each of this city's social circles has dated/slept with/hated/loved someone else in that group, and they all run together. I've known one of my boy's best friends longer than he has, yet WE hadn't met yet. Its awful sometimes. and 2) Although i find it easier to get along with and trust boys, i think that those girls who just HATE all other girls are basically just super duper insecure. Have a good weekend, i love your site!

  3. I have a theory about girls who say "I don't get along with other girls" - they are freaks, that's why.