Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Are you serious?

So, tonight while I'm enjoying a lovely ladies night out with my favorites at La Dolce Vita (if you don't already know you have to check out a Tuesday there - you get a free entree - choose from a special menu of pasta or pizza for FREE when you buy a drink (even soda) and leave a mandatory $2 tip - even if you leave more than $2 you can eat for less than $10 - my friends and I shared a couple bottles of wine).

Anyways... I got a text. Not just any text... but a text from a random number not on my contacts list. It reads "Hey! It is [Clepto] from new years. Wanted to say hi and hope you are doing well." Mind you, since the iPod Touch has not shown up after 2 weeks and I hadn't heard from the dbag I know for sure he stole it. I seriously think that because he hasn't gotten arrested or anything in the past two weeks that he thinks that he must be in the clear like I didn't suspect him or something. (How do thieves think? I deal with them every day and I still don't get it.) So what do I say to that? My friends all suggested I outright confront him via text about it. I honestly just feel like that would be a big waste. So I say, "Are you serious? Please lose my number." The balls on that guy. Honestly. Who does that?

What would you say?

Miss Fabulous


  1. I'd say you should've met up with him and stolen something of his.

  2. Andy - I'm not gonna lie I seriously considered it. I've also considered writing a letter to his boss and posting his picture on telephone polls in our neighborhood with the word "THIEF" written very largely - but honestly it's just not classy and I really do not want to get disbarred for being a crazy lady. :)