Friday, January 16, 2009

Oh no he didn't!.com

So, as a follow up to my post earlier this week regarding online dating I've been sorta lurking around tonight deciding whether or not to unhide my year old profile - just checking out the selection, ya know? Well, anyways, who do I see but The Russian! Yes. That disaster. Apparently he is single and looking. In fact he has been active on his profile within the last 3 days. The problem is he has been "in a relationship" since September. And, by the looks of it (of course I stalk!) it seems to be a fairly serious "I love you" situation.

Now, I like to always give people the benefit of the doubt, so maybe to save money (he was unemployed if you remember) he chose the 6 month option. Not only is it cheaper per month, but you get the 6 month guarantee if you don't find true love. (I wish every guy came with a warranty like that!) But, I mean honestly. He may have been an ass, but he's relatively intelligent, and you would think that he would hide his profile, or at least not go on it after he finds a girlfriend. This is such a red light!

Reminds me of a few weeks ago when my friends were looking at the girls on and just happened upon our one girl friend who has been married for about a year and a half - "separated and looking for fun" - too bad her husband has no idea that they are "separated". My one friend was so embarassed for her that she called her immediately and told her to remove the profile and to stop being such a trashy whore. Honestly, if you are going to cheat on your significant other/husband, please use craigslist, or something a little more discreet.

I mean, I'm not friends with The Russian's girlfriend, (I don't even know her) but I feel bad for her. What if one of her BFFs or even a sister is looking for a man and comes across her bf advertising himself as available?! Poor girl. Now, that's all I'm gonna say about this because I'm 99% sure one of my readers/fellow bloggers is friends with this guy and I really don't want to start drama or hurt any feelings.

Something like this just really really makes me question whether I'll ever find a guy who isn't a piece of shit slime ball.

BTW, I did end up signing up. At least for the 3 day trial, because I found two normal looking guys. I have 3 business days to cancel my membership if they don't "wink back." Oh my life is sad.

Miss Fabulous


  1. This may sound cheesy, but I'm sure you'll find the right person. I've been through the same situation before, wondering if I'd ever find a great guy because it seems that the one I've been meeting are either jerks or just doesn't have chemistry with me. But eventually I did, and it's worth the wait and the heartaches before him.

  2. Stick it through girlie. He'll come along.

    In the meantime, your posts are really juicy and good. Nice blog!

  3. Something like this just really really makes me question whether I'll ever find a guy who isn't a piece of shit slime ball..... i so do too!!!
    p.s. u r being followed. hope u dont mind!