Monday, January 19, 2009

Operation Man Hunt = Fail.

So, the first operation man hunt of the year didn't really yield success. First, my friend and I went to PJ McIntyre's in West Park. We never go out there so it was something new. The crowd there is very diverse in age. We found a spot at the bar to order drinks and were immediately prowled upon by a 50 year old gentlmen who was wearing a claddaugh ring on his wedding ring finger but told us he was divorced. He then gave my friend the MGD 64 t-shirt he had gotten for free from the MGD 64 girls who were wandering the bar. After doing a couple laps, we only saw a couple hot guys and they were with girls. So we decided to brave the snow again and head next door to West Park Station where my other friend was there with her bf and another couple.

While at West Park Station we ran into one of our old law school colleague's ex bfs. So my friend tried to make a move with this guy who was decent while his creepy friends accosted me. They were from a different world. I don't even know how to describe it, but just not my type. I decided to turn around and talk to the couples instead.

Meanwhile, this guy came over to me. An all too familar face. I'm going to call him the Creepster, b/c as his name suggests, he is the ultimate creepster. My one friend and I met him out on W6th one night. They made out, and he ended up driving us home. There was just something creepy about him. My friend never called him back. A few weeks later I saw him again at Ultra and he was by himself just staring at me and my friends. He followed us all through Ultra. When the bars closed we ran to Paninis to get a slice and he followed us there too. He was standing inches away from me when my one friend turned around and yelled at him "Leave her the fuck alone!" Anyways, he came up to me at West Park Station and was like, "Hi, I'm [the Creepster], what's your name?" And so I say, "Yes [Creepster] I know who you are, and you know who I am." He says, "I didn't do anything with your friend." I say "I know" and I gave him the look of death. Needless to say he quickly retreated to the other side of the bar, where I noticed he was, as always, completely by himself. Get some friends, creepy. Honestly.

So, we decide to leave West Park Station, and my friend was hinting to the guy she was talking to that she would love to talk to him some other time. But, he didn't ask for her number. She was very disappointed but I told her that perhaps he has a gf or something. Who knows.

Next, we traveled to Around the Corner which was pretty busy considering the weather. We grabbed some waters and settled into a booth. Man hunting is hard work. Then across the room we spot Mr. Dreamy. He is the current bf of one of our friend's friends. He is, as his name suggests, dreamy. This is the second time in two weeks I've seen him out and about- and both times sans gf. (If I was dating that I would never let it out of my sight!) So, in a very obnoxious and obvious way my friend and I positioned ourselves for prime viewing. Staring. Very rudely. I felt bad but friend assured me that Mr. Dreamy must get eye fucked all. the. time.

For the record, I think he noticed the staring a bit b/c he made a point of coming over to say goodbye to us when he left. Just rub it in, asshole. With no one left to stare at, we went home.

Oh well, there is always next weekend.

♥ Miss Fabulous


  1. Better luck next weekend! I'm learning through both of us that man hunting is hard work and takes a lot of freakin effort! Why can't "Mr. I'm so hot, my smile will make you drop your panties" just fall out of the sky?!

  2. We should have a single girl blogger outing sometime soon. At least then we could all be miserable together!

    P.S. I feel like I know who the Creepster is. Or maybe there's just a lot of those guys lurking around Cleveland.

  3. miss A, I think I'm trying to avoid the panty droppers. :)

    alexa - don't judge me! we drank that last drink at WPS soooo fast just to get the hell out of there....that's why we arrived at our final destination and realized that water would be the best option..especially since we know the owner and he doesn't mind our cheapness. :)

    AAB - I have a feeling that could produce some good stories.

    The Creepster's name begins with a J. I wouldn't doubt that you know who he is. I'm sure he has creeped on you and all of your friends at one point or another. :)