Thursday, January 22, 2009

Well, at least he won't steal my shit.

So, tonight is the big date with Mr. Officer. I think we're just going to do drinks over on my side of town. I may even invite him over for Rockband after at BFF's - I mean he is somewhat of a stranger, but at least he won't steal anything - right? :)

The happy hour event where I was supposed to meet up with Blond Law is not going to happen for me because of a last minute family obligation. I just emailed him. I suggested maybe a future happy hour date. We'll see what he thinks.

I talked on the phone (yes, with sound and everything!) last night with MBA/CPA for over an hour last night. One of the topics we spent the most time on? Women's purses and shoes. He claims he is an "expert". I'm thinking either he is A) gay, B) a sugar daddy in training or C) a really good son. He emailed today to tell me how much he enjoyed our conversation. No talk of any possible date, but that's fine - it's obvious he likes to take baby steps (possibly in pink patent leather peep toe manolos).

No, seriously, this is my life. I'm not making any of this up.

Miss Fabulous


  1. i wonder which facts are claims based on.
    is anything that general and predictable?

  2. So how'd it go with Mr. Officer?

    Also the thought of a man in pink patent leather peep toe Manolos is just wrrrrrrrrong!