Wednesday, January 7, 2009

To bang or not to bang?

Now that I've vented my daily frustration with myself (below) I just wanted to share an interesting article I read this morning on the Frisky which is a great site BTW. It's about whether you should have sex on the first date. Now I've never had a rule one way or the other. I'm more of a "go with the flow" type of gal. However, I am guilty of this on several occasions especially when a few bottles of wine at dinner were involved. I've already stated that I'm a sexual person - I think we all get this by now, right? Well, this article makes a lot of good points, which if true, may explain a lot of my disasters like,
"If you’ve got that spark for someone, and you want it to continue, don’t f**k him on the first date. Yeah, you may not be getting laid in the first exact OMG moment that you want to, but since when do you take orders from your vagina?"
What happens when the "first date" is technically the drunken sex? I guess that situation is really doomed.

I'm thinking about making this my new dating rule.
Miss Fabulous


  1. No sex on the first date....hmmm...not sure if I totally agree lol. Go out to dinner, get a little alcohol in you & you feel like f*ck!n superwoman, or at least I do!

  2. i've thought about this myself... one guy i talked to said you should wait for a whole year!! uh, no thanks.. i'm not stuck in the 1800s.