Monday, January 26, 2009

When it rains, it pours...

Once again, the old addage holds true. When it rains, it pours. I'm talking about boys of course. So after I had a great date with Mr. Officer Thursday I almost didn't even want to get coffee with BL (aka Blond Law) on Saturday even though his email invite was really sweet. So, we met for coffee and chatted for a couple hours. He invited me to dinner and a CAVS game Tuesday and I agreed because I absolutely love going to games.

Later in the day he texted to make sure that I got a big TV moved alright. I had told him earlier in the day about going to my Grandparents to help them set up their new TV and steal their old one. I told him I had and then he inquired about my evening plans. I told him I was staying in with BFF playing rockband and drinking wine (nerds). I invited him to be polite but he was into it and asked if he could bring friends. So we ended up having a big party at BFF's.

BL and I went up to my place to watch a movie to finish out the night and he totally put the moves on me 5 minutes in. Yes, he did stay the night but I am happy to report that the panty glue is still holding strong! (This has to be some sort of record!)

So now I have this big dillema of being interested in 2 cute guys at once. And this after I've long since sworn off lawyers, law school boys, and all forms of law enforcement. I suppose it's not much of a dillema. I just have to remember how to juggle. I've lost my skills. Mr. Officer's schedule is so messed up b/c he works nights that it's almost impossible to schedule anything with him.

I also think BL might be coming on a bit strong. Granted I have technically known him for a few years since we were classmates but I hope he realizes that I like to take things slow. I have a feeling he's definitely looking for something serious.

I might hang out with Mr. Officer tonight even though it will greatly interfere with my Monday TV watching routine ie. Bromance. I'm not sure if he's worth it.

Miss Fabulous


  1. You go girl!! I say you hang out with both of them...just not at the same time LOL. I'd go for Mr. Officer first since you think BL is coming on a little strong. Mr. Officer sounds cool....just don't let him handcuff you to the bed or any crazy sh!t like that! ;)

    I'm super excited to hear how this turns out!

  2. Just make sure you can spread the dates far enough apart so you don't get confused or call him by the wrong name.