Sunday, December 28, 2008

Flavored condoms?

I don't know how I left this out of my first post regarding Donald Trump, but the first time we had sex at his place he whipped out flavored condoms. This is the same guy who was incredibly boring and bad in bed. I made some sort of joke about them and he said that he grabs them off of bachelorette party goers out at the bar. (Was he serious?) But, anyways... flavored condoms?

One thing I should be up front about is that I always use condoms unless I'm in a committed relationship (See: my life over 3 years ago). I'm on nuva ring too because of its hormonal benefits and because I don't want to get pregnant right now under any circumstance. (This should be obvious based on the kinds of guys I date.) But, condoms are a MUST b/c STDs are totally not fabulous at all. **End PSA**

Anyways, I'm going to be honest - the flavored condoms freaked me out a bit. I mean, I know they are probably just as safe, but the idea is strange. Also, I prefer just the bare bones plain kind b/c I get recurrent UTIs and things like flavors and spremicides tend to trigger them. I mean I could even understand the flavored condoms if he was younger, but for a 27 year old man? It just doesn't make sense. Note: Just in case you are wondering I must add that I know for a fact that his affinity for flavored condoms was not in any way connected to the fact that he might actually want to go down on me after and enjoy the taste for himself. Because, he didn't. Not once.
Miss Fabulous

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