Saturday, December 27, 2008

"I knew I would meet someone I like up here."

Well, I had a great date with Florida last night. This should be obvious because of the fact that he lives in Florida. We ate sushi and drank wine and then went a couple doors down to see his friend who was "spinning records." His friends were cool, of course we realized we had friends in common (this town is way small) and after a few shots and a few vodka sodas I ended up spending the night with him in his hotel. (Disclaimer - while I am trying to avoid this type of behavior I figure he doesn't really count because he lives in Florida.) We even got breakfast this morning and he pretended not to notice that I am apparently coming down with a cold and my nose would not stop running. He says he knew he would meet someone up here that he liked and he's sorry he's not staying longer. I'm just relieved that I'm capable of going on a good date and having fun and carrying a good conversation. (I was worried about some of these things post Donald Trump.)

In unrelated news, one of my oldest and dearest friends/childhood crush turned random hookups (who incidentally my BFF thinks, for various reasons I'm destined to marry) who I'll call Airforce is home for the Holidays and wants to hang out. Of course he does. Looks like I'm going to have a busy week. I hope this cold goes away quickly.
Miss Fabulous

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